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Anthurium soil

The special substrate for your anthuriums is designed to create a balanced microclimate for your plant.

The most important aspects at a glance

  • Higher content of perlite for a loose and airy substrate
  • Nevertheless strong moisture retention due to adapted plant fiber mixture

For all Greensoils substrates applies:

  • 100% free of peat, of coconut fibers and of artificial fertilizers.
  • Produced on the basis of regional and renewable raw materials
  • Good air permeability and drainage properties for minimized risk of root rot
  • Free from pollutants and pathogens
  • Terra preta effect due to admixed biochar ensures increased soil fertility, supports water and nutrient retention
  • Easy handling and immediately usable

Our claim is not only to produce a tailor-made substrate with the optimal properties for your plant, we also want to offer a climate-friendly alternative to existing products.

Discover our premium Anthurium soil Substrate - the ideal growth medium for your exotic beauties! Our peat-free and coconut-free specialty substrate has been carefully developed to meet the specific needs of Anthuriums, promoting optimal plant growth. Our substrate is composed of selected plant fibers, perlite, and high-quality biochar, providing an ideal mix for healthy root formation, improved nutrient absorption, and optimal water retention. It creates the perfect environment to foster the growth of your Anthuriums and unfold their natural beauty.

Thanks to the unique properties of plant fibers, our substrate ensures excellent root ventilation and drainage, minimizing the risk of root rot and other issues. The addition of perlite enhances the substrate's structure and promotes even moisture distribution. Our substrate also contains high-quality biochar, supporting soil life and binding harmful substances to create a healthy, balanced microclimate for your Anthuriums, promoting their well-being.

Use our Anthurium soil Substrate to maximize the growth and flowering of your plants. Your Anthuriums will thank you with lush greenery. Invest in the health and beauty of your Anthuriums - order our premium specialty substrate today and let your plants shine!

Additional information

Technische Daten

GREENSOILS Anthurium soil blend
Cultivation Substrate: Manufactured exclusively using plant-based materials and perlite
Organic Matter: 65%
pH Value: 7
Salt Content: 0.68 g/l (KCl)
Käthe-Kollwitz-Straße 60
D-04109 Leipzig
Raw Materials: Plant-based materials from agriculture (straw), plant-based materials from forestry (wood fiber), perlite, biochar
Additional Components:
Nitrogen (N) 24 mg/l (CaCl2)
Phosphate (P5O2) 82 mg/l (CAL)
Potassium Oxide (K2O) 478 mg/l (CAL)
Magnesium (Mg) 63 mg/l (CaCl2) Sulfur (S) 28 mg/l
Other Components: Perlite to increase air pore volume
Storage Instructions: To ensure the quality of the product, we would like to advise you to store the substrate in a dry and protected place from weather influences. Please keep the substrate in a well-ventilated space, protected from moisture and direct sunlight. Also, please note that a decrease in volume or weight or a slight change in the substrate's characteristics may occur due to biological processes. However, these changes do not affect the quality. We recommend using the substrate within six months of purchase.
Application Instructions: Our substrate is specifically designed for the needs of Urban Jungle plants, providing an ideal foundation for healthy growth and strong plants. We recommend loosening the substrate before use to ensure optimal air and water permeability. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for fertilizers to avoid over-fertilization. For long-term nutrient supply to your plants, we recommend the use of slow-release fertilizers. These release the necessary nutrients over an extended period, ensuring a continuous supply to your plants. We wish you much joy with your Urban Jungle and are available for further questions.

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