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Our special substrates

Our peat-free special substrates are tailor-made for your green beauties. They are the regional soil treasures for your plants.
Depending on the species and the desired effect, we equip our substrates with special, natural components that optimize either the water retention capacity or the water drainage. Or provide for a particularly airy substrate. Finely tuned mixtures combine these substrate properties in such a way that each plant finds adapted conditions.
Discover our precisely matched mixtures and components for Aroids.

100% quality, 100% natural, 100% climate protection and regional

100% quality,

100% natural,

100% climate protection and regional

In our products, we use the peat substitute we produce ourselves from native plants, made from various plant fibers.
This protects the peatlands and avoids greenhouse gases that are released during draining. Furthermore, our peat substitute is an additional CO2 sink. – A doubly positive climate effect.

To ensure high purity, we sanitize our substrates and components in a special process.

We manufacture all our products from regional, renewable raw materials and from natural materials in Germany, in the middle of Europe, and pack them in an environmentally friendly way in double-layered kraft paper.
This protects the climate, it saves transport routes and avoids waste.

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